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‘Baap ka Beta’ Rituraj sets Guinness world record

Rituraj, who is one half of the Bangladeshi digital creator duo Baap ka beta, has made history by being crowned the youngest person to publish a book series.

His book, “Goodwill factory”, was released in 2022, when he was only nine years of age. His overjoyed father, who is the other half of the duo, posted the news on his social media.

Shuvashish Bhowmick wrote about his son’s grand achievement and wished for everyone’s blessing and prayers for his son. The comment section of the post was flooded with congratulatory responses from celebrity personalities like Aruna Biswas, Ayman Sadiq, Apu Biswas, Shoumik Ahmed and many more.

The musical duo, Baap ka beta, rose to fame during the pandemic, where they dressed in similar outfits and sang covers of famous songs. Shuvashish Bhowmick is the country director of a multinational company. He has been actively sharing the adventures of his son and him on social media, since Rituraj was only six years old.

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